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About us

Turquoise Arts and Crafts is one of the leading online supplier of handcraft and handmade items of Turkish culture. This enterprise is founded and managed by Arslan family since 2008. Our vision is to familiarize people from all over the world with Turkish hand-crafted, hand-woven, and hand-made items, including; jewelries, clothes, rugs, linen sets and furniture. Our mission is to supply these cultural items for affordable prices with a superior service.

As a business model, we have always been committed to ethical issues, strived to conduct our business with the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity and to provide high-quality products, excellent customer services, and clear information in a sustainable environment. We are totally aware that buying cultural items online from a foreign country has always its difficulties as well as advantages, and we are doing our best to make it easier for our clients.

Thanks to our experienced suppliers, we provide custom and unique products to fit our clients’ valuable requirements.