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16"x16" Rug Pillow Cover (KW40401047)


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"Each of our rug pillow covers is unique, vintage, and handwoven. Please DO NOT compare with other machine made rug covers!"

Type: Rug Pillow Cover

Dimension: 16”x16”(inches) / 40x40 (cm)

Shape: Square

Weight: 1.2 Pounds  / 550 gram 

Material: 100% organic wool and cotton

  • Front side is made of wool rug.
  • Backside is made of new cotton fabric.
  • A durable hidden zipper in the back.

Made in: Turkey by handmade

P.S.: Insert is not included.

P.S.2: Color tone may differ on different screens.


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About Rug Covers

Rug pillows are the most beautiful trend of using recycled hand-woven rugs that not only give an extra to your space but also increases the overall look of the room. Besides providing rigidity, rug pillows also give luxurious texture to any other room.

Rug cushion covers have garnered a lot of attention in the global interior designing industry of late. Countries such as The US, The UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and a few European nations are increasing their wholesale demand and intake of these products with each passing day.

These are the most decorative and stylish pillows. The material that is used in the manufacturing of vintage rug pillow covers is wool, cotton, silk, horse and goat hair threads. The rug pillows come in different shapes (square and lumbar), sizes (16x16", 18x18", 20x20", 24x24", 12x20", 12x24", 16x24", 20x24"  etc.) and colors fort he unique rooms.