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Cotton Gauze Dress (Simge)


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This cotton dress is a very comfortable gauze dress, which is made of 100% natural cotton. It is suitable for daily life and provides freshness and comfort when worn in summer. Ethnic and authentic embroideries and needle-lace on the dress are the details that make it special. It has a structure that becomes better as it is washed and it does not get old for a long time. Symbol Dress is our customers' choice of women's clothing for years.

General Description for Gauze Dresses

Gauze dresses are healthy and comfortable dresses that made of 100% organic cotton gauze fabric. These skin-friendly dresses provide the coolness and lightness that women desire in the summer and spring. In addition to this, for women who love bohemian clothing, gauze dresses are designed by handmade lacy and embroidery motifs, which make them more authentic, attractive and stylish. Gauze dresses are suitable for work, invitations and special places as well as casual life with their modern designs since they could be easily combined with cotton shoes, sport shoes, babettes and high heels.

How to Wash

Gauze dresses are very easy to wash. They can be washed by a washing machine. They have a non-staining structure. Some designs can be worn even without ironing because the fabric that we use while making our gauze clothes flattens as you wear. It looks like they get smaller after you wash them but after drying and ironing, they expand to the original measurements. Since we use vegetables dyes, their color and patterns stay as you buy. The only thing you need to do is to follow the washing instruction that is sent with the dresses.

Size Chart