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Kazaziye Earrings Jewelry Made of 1000 Sterling Silver (NG201016992)


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"Handmade Kazaziye Sterling Silver Earrings Made of 1000 Sterling Silver"

Width: 0.39 inches / 1 cm

Length: 2.17 inches / 5.5 cm

Item Weight: 0.01 pounds / 6 grams

Metal: 1000 Sterling Silver

P.S.: This jewelry set consists of a pair of earrings.

P.S.2: Kazaziye products are pure 1000 carat silver and completely handcrafted. Since no welding process is performed, no setting is written on the casualty products. Therefore, there is no setting stamp on the casual products.


Shipping via UPS or FEDEX, delivery in 6-8 business days.

About Kazaziye

Kazaziye is an art based entirely on manual labor. Kazaziye is a local handicraft made with 1000 carat silver wires twisted on silk or nylon wire with a thickness of 0.08 microns. Kazaziye art, which has a history of 5000 years, is still used in many jewelry, items and objects today.